Renovating with Rona: Bathrooms

My roomOver the past couple of years I have picked up the home renovation bug. It started with my baby’s room – a little paint, a new floor, some decorations, new furniture, and he was thrilled to have a space he had a hand in creating. Next up was my room – again, some paint, wallpaper, new flooring, new curtains and furniture, and I had the beautiful resting place I had always wanted. And although my living room could use a facelift, I’ve decided to tackle something a little smaller.



Rona Pedestal SinkWe have 2.5 bathrooms in our home and the half bath on the main floor is less than inspiring. Plain white pedestal sink, oval mirror, and a white toilet with beige walls and flooring, I am determined to add a little colour.

I’ve already decided that my paint will be a soft blue with the half panel wall – the paneling painted white and I have also chosen my white storage accessories. (Rona will help you with this preliminary step on their “Plan It” page.)  However, my biggest decision seems to be which bathroom vanity should I choose? I like the sleekness of the pedestal sink, however it allows no room for storage nor anything more than a bottle of soap as it has no adjoining counter. I’m torn between adding a medicine cabinet or leaving just a flat mirror. Really, the only thing I do know at this point is that it will remain a single sink vanity as a double one would not fit (nor is it necessary in a half bath!).

Verona VanityTherefore when I was contacted about writing a post for bathroom vanities for Rona, I was quite surprised! I have looked and looked and looked but the bathroom vanities section at Rona has so many options, it is overwhelming! I really must admit that I do quite like the ‘Verona’ line. I am truly thrilled to have been asked to share this post for you as I love home renovations and have been procrastinating on starting this bathroom reno for far too long. If you have any other suggestions for this small space, I would love to hear them. Big thank you to Rona for compensating me to write this post, I am off this week to go and purchase my supplies!


No More Babies…

I did it. Thirteen months on the waiting list and last Tuesday I made it to the top. Tubal ligation sound so serious, I prefer getting “my tubes” tied – seems much more casual.

I thought finally making my no more kidlets decision permanent would be a cause for fireworks and cake but in all honesty, it was rather anti-climatic. After the nurse reassured me that today’s anaesthetic is sooo much better than the anaesthetic used on me fourteen years ago, I was wheeled into the sterile operating room. A quick needle poke, some oxygen and I was out like a light. (Not a baby…I don’t know too many babies that sleep as hard!)

I came out with two small incisions, one in my belly button and one just above my pubic bone. Three hours of waiting, a walk to the potty and a drink of water, sealed my release and I was off to the bf’s house to recuperate. (Did you know you are not allowed to drive nor make legal decisions within the next twenty-four hours?!) I was on pain medication and slept like a log for the night and the next day. Aside from ferrying my kidlets to school and back (I recommend you DON’T do this within the next four days), I was pretty much on bed rest. Seven days later I still feel a bit sore in the incision area but overall not too bad.

I was finally able to have my Mirena removed, but I’m pretty sure now that the “Mirena Crash” is a real thing, I’ve been awfully weepy today and can’t pinpoint the reason. I’m hoping this is a really short stage and that I will be back to my chipper self in no time.

I am thrilled that I have taken control of this aspect of my life. I am thrilled that I was strong enough to go through with it and most of all, I am thrilled that it is over!

Had to ask when one could actually have sex after a tubal and was glad to discover Dr. Google recommends anytime as long as there is no pain – typically after a week…. Hello and welcome day number seven! ;P

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Eight Weeks…

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