Things I have learned as a single mom

We all know Motherhood has its’ challenges. I was told once (alright, the day after giving birth), that some women are just born-to-be mothers … while others are not (it is this category she meant I was in). So as a not-born-to-be mother, I have learned to adapt to my single Momdom using creativity, panache and sheer determination. Let me share some of the things I have learned along the way;

  1. Duct tape is a perfectly acceptable means of securing diapers.
  2. Breakfast for supper or supper for breakfast – either one works if it means it is eaten.
  3. A 6 year old can carry a 1 year old if your leg is broken.
  4. TVs and computers can be a welcome babysitter.
  5. Cell phones make excellent teethers, just not excellent cell phones once teething is over.
  6. Mommy time outs are just as important as child ones are.
  7. Candy is a great tool for obtaining excellent behavior.
  8. Houseplants won’t die if they are peed in once…or twice…
  9. You aren’t fighting when you sleep on the couch; it means your bed is full.
  10. Pitching a tent in the living room is much safer than outdoor camping.
  11. Having four hands would be way more exciting than having a bikini body.
  12. Lift-the-flap and picture books are the standard nighttime reading.
  13. The children’s toilet activities that take 2 minutes during the day take 20 minutes at bedtime.
  14. Storing diapers in the makeup bag and makeup in the diaper bag become second nature.
  15. Sick days really are days – 1 for each child and a final day for you…
  16. Panic will set in if the bathroom door doesn’t lock at a friend’s house.

As a single mom, my time is not my own, my energy is not endless, my illnesses are untended, my Mother’s Days unrecognized, yet through it all I have the love and adoration of two amazing little boys, the ones who make it all worthwhile.



  1. Speaking of unrecognized Mothers Day’s – Single Mom’s Mothers Day Tweetup?!

  2. Love, love, love it! Yes, a Single Mom’s Mothers Day Tweetup would be fabulous!! Let’s chat more and make this happen!!

  3. Congrats on your new blog. It was a nice read.


  1. […] the same person with the same goals, that idealistically sat down at my computer and pounded out my first post. I initially started this blog to shed some light on the single parent life – a life that […]

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